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Public Service Activities

The Helena Snowdrifters Snowmobile Club is located in (Helena Montana) the heart of snowmobile country.
We have 250 miles of groomed trails in three different trail systems, and untold miles of ungroomed trails. Our organization supports other local clubs and works hand and hand with the US Forest Service and the Montana State Fish Wildlife and Parks to promote snowmobile safety and a good outdoor experience.
Come and join us in the Big Sky Country. MSA Site

The Helena Snowdrifter public service activities include: Trail Grooming , Safety Training, Survival, Trail Maintenance, Avalanche Awareness , Trail and Map Marking, Trash Cleanup, Weed Spraying, Trail Head Marking , Sign Placement, Legislative Rides, Legislative Lobbying, Poker Run Support, Parking Lot Maintenance and Information Web Pages.

Welcome To Our Home Page

We the members of the Helena Snowdrifters Snowmobile Club are dedicated to the continuation of our sport in Montana. The Snowdrifters are always ready to support riders of all types. Our goal is to provide you with a great and safe outdoor experience. So help us by being a member and supporting our club.


Mailing Address:
Helena Snowdrifters
P.O. Box 5505
Helena, MT 59601